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Debra Lill
Carousel of Time

After asking to interview Debra Lill, we had to creep towards her piece, weaving around her crowd of onlookers, trying to get as close as we could to her work. Lill’s feature in S=P=A=C=E is Carousel of Time, a multimedia piece of fine art in her style dubbed “Living Photos.”

Carousel of Time — Debra Lill (Click play button to begin)

Like Lawhorne, Lill’s production for Carousel of Time centers her foray into new methodology. The piece operates in multiple dimensions, depicting the “relationship between space and time” through a revolving time lapse over the course of a year presented on digital canvas framed within a decorated wooden box. I was curious to learn the planning and forethought that went into such a long project and was delighted to find out Lill had the initial idea, set up the shot where she wanted, marked the tripod positioning with tape, and proceeded to successfully create the piece as planned over the course of a year. Hearing how Lill’s vision came to fruition was a needed reminder that, when it comes to creating anything, the idea is only as important as your will to start and will to persevere over time (and space).

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Emmett Munterich
Emmett Munterich

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