Rhode Island is a small state big on art, and Art League RI takes you to the forefront of our state’s thriving culture of visual arts.

ALRI connects art-lovers with the best of Rhode Island’s visual arts talents. As a membership based non-profit organization, ALRI proudly serves as an innovator within our small state’s dynamic culture and brings its members to experience first hand all that this amazing place has to offer in terms of artwork.

Since 2000, ALRI has united more than 120 artists from Rhode Island and beyond to share their talents in a variety of traditional and contemporary art forms. We also collaborate with countless community partners each month to ensure an enriching experience for everyone; one that makes the power of art accessible across 39 cities and towns! Together, our mission is to bring creativity into local neighborhoods while promoting growth among our emerging talent.

Join us as we immerse ourselves in the inspiring world of visual arts! We welcome you to discover our wide variety of events, become a part of our exclusive membership club and even volunteer your time – all while embracing your creative side.