Internships with Art League RI

At Art League RI, interns are encouraged to think outside the box and bring their own ideas as they work alongside the management team. It’s an opportunity for intern explorers to challenge themselves by testing out different skill sets in order to find new solutions, while learning more about who they really are along the way!

What to expect from our internships program:

Interested in gaining professional experience and making meaningful connections within the arts industry? Art League RI is now offering a unique opportunity to intern with us! Our program opens its doors to multiple majors including marketing, graphic design, arts administration and management. Immerse yourself in an art-centered environment where you will acquire real world skills that will prepare you for success in your chosen field. Reach out today if there’s something specific related to your major that piques your interest!

Testimonials from our former interns:


University of Rhode Island Class of 2023

“I started as the Public Relations Intern: but my role ended up being much more than that. ALRI matched my ambition to go beyond the writing I did for our Community Matters exhibition or research on the Synergy II project.

“My Art League mentor Ellen provided the opportunity and resources to create two extensive interview projects: I’m Not From Around Here: S=P=A=C=E Interviews and my final work, Speaking in Layers. I planned both interview series from the ground up. This experience challenged my conceptions of audience, artistic interpretation, and understanding of the complex landscape of an artist’s mind. As a result of completing the projects, I saw drastic improvements in presentation, preparation, analytical thinking, and of course, writing.”


Boston University Class of 2022

“I connected with and interviewed almost all the previous interns, collecting their feelings and comments. I also did some social media promotions. It’s very impressive for me to get the opportunity to talk to different people. Art League made me feel that I was an important part of the team where everyone valued my ideas. I gained a great sense of accomplishment by being involved in the projects.”


Merrimack College Class of 2022

“I utilized several skills including graphic design, writing and editing, and social media. I designed an art guidebook for one of their exhibitions. I was very excited to work on something for a big exhibition, and I was very proud of the work I put into the book. By interning here, I was able to get a better idea of what working at a non-profit looks like, and how important marketing is when it comes to bringing awareness to your business.”


University of Massachusetts Dartmouth Class of 2022

“I designed event posters and social media postings, but my biggest and longest-running project was designing the information brochure for Synergy. I gained a stronger understanding of how to work with multiple people and what it takes to push projects through a timeline. It also helped to prepare me for future virtual interviews I would have to land my job.”


Johnson & Wales University Providence Class of 2022

“I was their marketing intern. I mostly worked on the website, did edits through WordPress, and created web pages. I gained a lot of experience. I’m classroom-based, so I learned a lot of stuff in the classroom through my university, but never in the ‘real world’. I thought it was great and I got to meet all those great people.”


Massachusetts College of Art and Design Class of 2022

“I contacted different artists for works for exhibitions, pieced together all the information, and made master lists for the works. I got my first experience working in the kind of work that I would be doing, as a professional artist. Everyone I worked with was really good and kind, and easy to communicate with.”


University of Massachusetts Dartmouth Class of 2021

“I worked on the Synergy website. I built that from scratch to show off the new program. I also worked directly with one of the Synergy artists to make a book and get it printed. I got a sense of what working in graphic design was like in a real-world setting. And also I made some great connections which have led me to some great opportunities.”


Mount Holyoke College Class of 2024

“The main work I had was within the Synergy II project, and I was interviewing scientist/artist pairs. It taught me how to work with different people who work in fields I have very little understanding of. Meeting all of these different individuals with vastly different backgrounds, and various intentions for their work, was a breath of fresh air for me as an art major.”


Fitchburg State University Class of 2024

“I was an assistant with the program Windows on Pawtucket, helping the web developer, interviewing certain artists, creating and editing their statements for the website. I was very impressed when I was conducting interviews with some of the artists by knowing their lives, how they came to be artists, and how the piece they were showcasing came to be.”


Providence College Class of 2021

“I worked a lot with Artsy, the art marketplace. After my internship ended, ALRI hired me for a part-time job. I became more like an administrator then. It gave me really good skills at ALRI that I used directly in the real world. Without this internship experience, I would not have learned so much about managing an art gallery.”


Maryland Institute College of Art Class of 2021

“Tasks that I took on included: project management, website design, graphic design, project coordination, and fine arts handling. I gained a great amount of experience in the behind-the-scenes management and coordination of running a non-profit in the arts sector.”


Bryant University Class of 2021

“They really tailored it to my interest and what I was studying through communications. I worked on a big project where we had an open reception for an exhibition, so we worked on the promotion and community engagement. I learned a lot about how the actual non-profits run and I got to see that insight look that I was not familiar with before.”

If you are interested in an internship opportunity at ALRI, please contact us HERE