Art League RI is proud to provide internship opportunities to help young people with their personal and professional development, and to give back to our community. Below are extracts from a letter received from our latest intern, Alexis Sherwin.

ALRI worked with me to tailor the internship to my interests and apply my knowledge of communication to real world situations. I was working on important projects such as the opening reception for an exhibition, content creation, a feature article on an Elected Artist, connecting directly with members and strategic social media promotion. ALRI valued my insights and made me feel like a part of the team— I was not going on coffee runs!

Halfway through my internship, the world faced COVID-19. We had to quickly implement a crisis management strategy—closing the gallery and canceling events. Being forced to utilize crisis communication was a great learning experience. Things do not always go according to plan and we must be ready for what life throws at us. Employers want employees who are adaptable—the crisis certainly taught me awareness and adaptability.

ALRI offered me an inside look into the art industry and the world of non-profit organizations. I met people from all walks of life and gained new perspectives. Knowing how to cooperate and consider various viewpoints is a valuable skill for any career. Thank you to ALRI’s Board of Directors and members for making my internship experience one I will never forget.

If you are interested in an internship opportunity at ALRI, please contact us HERE