Elected Artist Applications

Join a select group of Elected Artists whose works span the globe and renowned institutions, from contemporary to traditional pieces crafted by emerging talents or celebrated veterans! Showcase your artistry to museums, galleries and beyond with this exclusive opportunity.

Each year, a revered team of five experienced jurors is assembled to select the next Elected Artist. These individuals are comprised of three seasoned veterans together with two impartial external panelists who have been carefully chosen for their expertise in artistry and attention to detail required while evaluating submissions. The criteria they consider range from technical proficiency and creativity, to concept presentation and demonstration of innovation.

  • A submission that demonstrates a distinctive / original body of work, such as themes, techniques, and materials, presentation and style as well as intangible criteria such as intentions and expressions. The artist’s body of work will consist of ten original artworks.
  • The highest level of technical ability demonstrating skill, craft, technique and use of presentation of the artwork, utilizing line, shape, form, color, composition and design.
  • A cohesive body of work that depicts and communicates the aims and objectives set out in the statement of intent, communicates an individual’s vision and understanding which might explore one approach, concept, idea, topic, subject matter, theme, or philosophy that demonstrates conceptual strength and generates multi-layered meanings.
  • A statement of intent that defines the purpose of the work, identifying its aims and objectives.
  • Work that is commensurate with work of our current Elected Artists.

Some successful submission entries for Elected Artist membership are HERE

To assist with applications, find Jurors’ commentary on prior year submissions HERE

Full jury criteria can be found HERE

Those with a passion for art—regardless of where they come from or their level of experience—are invited to join our volunteer organization, Elected Artists. As members of this Society, you will have the opportunity to both develop your own talents and help achieve ALRI’s mission through generous contributions of time and energy.

Click HERE for a list of Elected Artist member benefits.

Click HERE for the 2023 Elected Artist Application Form.

PLEASE NOTE: You may need to download the PDF to complete it. Most browsers will not support filling it out then saving it online. Download it, (Safari – Right click, select Download Linked File As – then select where to save on your hard drive or Firefox, Chrome, Edge – Right click, select Save Link As – then select where to save on your hard drive), open in Adobe Reader or another pdf reader program, fill out and Save As to your hard drive. Then either print and scan or email as an attachment per the details in the Application Form.

The Deadline for Elected Artist Applications is Saturday, April 1, 2023 11:59 pm.

Send any questions regarding the application process to office@artleagueri.org or call (401) 861-0500.