2018 Elected Artists Exhibition

Jamestown Arts Center : September 20 – October 20, 2018

Featured artists in Art League Rhode Island’s 18th Annual Elected Artists Exhibition include:

Tiffany Adams
Karen Rand Anderson
Janet Austin
Jillian Barber
Deborah Baronas
Reenie Barrow
Robin Beckwith
Linda Behar
Grace Bentley-Scheck
Patricia Foley-Blackman
Uli Brahmst
Mi Ok Song Bruning
Cate Chason
Cathy Chin
Ruth A.B. Clegg
Wanda Perkowska Coderre
Anne Winthrop Cordin
David DeMelim
Cynthia DiDonato
Deb Ehrens
Kendra Bidwell Ferreira
Edmund Ferszt
Carol Strause FitzSimonds
Susan Fossati
Ethan French
Kristie Gardiner
Michele Gutlove
Eric Hovermale
Peter Hussey
Susan Webster Kieronski
Sandra Aarons Krupp
Kryzsztof Mathews
Jonathan McPhillips
Stephen Metcalf
Kelly Milukas
Audrey Monahan
Paul Murray
Pam Neal
Cynthia Whalen Nelson
Ilse Buchert Nesbitt
Nancy Nielsen
Elena Obelenus
Regina Partridge
Susan Patterson
Keith Prue
Mimo Gordon Riley
Julia Samuels
Susan Shaw
Hiroko Shikashio
Ken Steinkamp
Felicia Touhey
Al Weems
Cindy Horovitz Wilson
Josephine Wright

Click on any thumbnail for larger view, more details on each piece and some of the artist statements. If you are interested in purchasing an artwork please contact ALRI at office@artleagueri.org. Thank you.

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