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Sarah Lawhorne
Portrait of the Universe

I first spoke with Sarah Lawhorne, the Education Coordinator at the South County Art Association, about her piece entitled Portrait of the Universe. The unique framing and subdivision within her photo is a result of  shooting on film. The initial plan was to take traditional double exposures, but because the photo reel became unevenly aligned, the “triple exposure” was created.

Portrait of the Universe — Sarah Lawhorne

This experimental methodology is not Lawhorne’s usual style, but after seeing the prospectus for the show, she chose this outlier in her catalog saying, “I got the feeling this wasn’t an average photography exhibit… they were looking for things that were a little different.” The enchanting effect of this coincidence is undeniable, and in the context of S=P=A=C=E, the three photographs combine to bridge the ever-widening gap between humanity and the natural world. In Portrait of the Universe the human figure is comprised of land and water, evoking what Lawhorne describes as our “intertwined connection to the environment,” saying, “We cannot exist without it.”

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Emmett Munterich
Emmett Munterich

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