I’m Not From Around Here: S=P=A=C=E Interviews

An Introduction to Me

Emmett Munterich

Hello! My name is Emmett, and I’m the new intern for Art League RI. You’ll continue to see me in the newsletter over the next several weeks as I recount the conversations I had with a few artists at the S=P=A=C=E exhibition opening, but first I’d like to introduce myself a bit. 

I’m a senior studying Public Relations and English at the University of Rhode Island. I grew up surrounded by art with two artist parents and countless gallery trips around the Hudson Valley (check out my mom’s stuff if you like here: In my spare time, I produce music, write poetry, and occasionally shoot video essays. Having been fascinated with the process and products of creation, this semester’s internship with Art League gives me the perfect opportunity to talk shop about exactly that. 

So what and why am I doing this?

An Introduction to the S=P=A=C=E Exhibition Interviews

An essential part of succeeding during this internship is gaining an in-depth understanding and relationship with the arts and artists around Art League, so this is what I did:

Art League’s opening of their S=P=A=C=E photography exhibition was the opportunity I needed to acquaint myself with both the art and the personalities which make up a nation-wide exhibit. I’ve come to love and appreciate the local artists around the Hudson, but this Pawtucket exhibition gave me a chance to meet an even wider scope of artists in a medium that is new to me as well. 

Attendees viewing the art at the opening S=P=A=C=E

Like many, my impressions of art are made on first encounter, created from the affect produced by experiencing the work. I seldom get the opportunity to speak directly to artists about their work while standing in front of it (with even small openings for local artists pulling their attention in every direction), so attending this group show was the perfect occasion to form that initial connection with a piece and follow up with the person behind the lens only minutes later. So, armed with a voice recorder and a short list of questions, I set off.

I started each conversation the same, discussing the theme of S=P=A=C=E (Suggesting Photographic Aspects of Creative Expression). The S=P=A=C=E guidelines did not point artists in a particular direction, simply encouraging experimentation, opening an opportunity to flex their creative muscles and dive into the bizarre, abstract, and unconventional. My conversations with Sarah Lawhorne, Debra Lill, Keith Prue and Kate Wilson showed me how different photographers captured, conjured, and curated the intrinsic connections we humans share between ourselves and space.


Emmett Munterich
Emmett Munterich

Emmett is a senior at the University of Rhode Island, where he studies Public Relations and English. He combines these skills with his art-oriented upbringing to create engaging content about the latest news at Art League RI.