About ALRI

Art League RI offers a community of support and inspiration to all visual artists, empowering them with resources to realize their full creative potential. Our goal is for members’ work to be recognized not only locally but also on an international scale!

We believe in art

  • As a means of inspiring and raising the human spirit
  • As a catalyst to make a difference, enrich lives and build communities
  • As a retreat from the stress and chaos of contemporary society


In 2000, two Rhode Island pillars of the art community, Nancy Gaucher-Thomas and Mark Simmons, reached out to 42 renowned artists from across the state with a shared dream: to empower creators in RI by providing them platforms for their work. Thus began Art League RI (ALRI), where today Ms. Gaucher-Thomas serves as President Emerita following six successful years at its helm. Now governed by an elected Board of Directors voted on annually during ALRI’s annual meeting—it continues to catalyze recognition and growth among all kinds of visual artists throughout The Ocean State!

This organization was established to uplift and celebrate the creative talent in Rhode Island. Its mission is to provide a platform for artists’ professional development, foster positive engagement with art within local communities, and encourage artistic integrity at its highest standard. It’s an initiative that aspires towards greater appreciation of all forms of visual arts across the state!

Established by renowned artists from Rhode Island, the Art League of Rhode Island is devoted to appreciating visual art and its role in today’s society. It works toward curatorial programming, community-building initiatives, educational opportunities for all levels of experience; and extends outreach towards marginalized communities. ALRI showcases an extensive range of artistic media including painting, photography ceramics furniture making with styles that vary immensely—ranging from traditional subject matters to contemporary innovation—while many members have gained national attention through their work exhibited worldwide in galleries and museums alike.

ALRI has reached a number of milestones in developing a statewide presence in the arts community of Rhode Island.  A few notable highlights include:

  • ALRI relocated to 80 Fountain Street in Pawtucket RI – 2020
  • ALRI relocated business office and opened new gallery space in Hope Artiste Village, 1005 Main Street, Suite 8107, Pawtucket, RI – 2019
  • Completion of third strategic plan in partnership with Roger Mandle, art historian, curator and academic administrator, best known as the former president of The Rhode Island School of Design – 2016
  • Began ongoing collaboration with the Dept. of Neurosurgery at Rhode Island Hospital and the Alpert Medical School of Brown University to curate and produce an annual exhibition focused on the artistic interpretation of neurodegenerative disorders – 2016
  • ALRI relocated business office to One Avenue of the Arts, Providence, RI – 2014
  • Partnered with The VETS Foundation to bring a gallery and curated exhibits to the Veterans Memorial Auditorium, Providence, RI – 2014
  • Iona Blake Dobbins Scholarship Fund for the Visual Arts was established at the Rhode Island Foundation (RIF) – 2013
  • Malcolm Grear, Malcolm Grear Designers, created ALRI logo – 2011
  • ALRI, fiscal agent for and joint sponsor of the RI Art Archive Project (RIAAP), produced and directed by Artist Member Holly Gaboriault – 2010
  • ALRI partnered with Executive Service Corps in the development of its second strategic plan – 2006
  • ALRI receives Rhode Island Foundation grant to establish and coordinate a rotating exhibit in The Rhode Island Foundation Gallery and throughout its building – 2000-2006
  • Two-year community outreach Boot Project initiated by Artist Member Johanna McKenzie. Timberland Company provided the boots and art supplies. Fourteen ALRI artists engaged 80 Central Falls High School (CFHS-RI) students over the course of two years in creating marvelous designs on the boots. The project yielded $6000 for scholarships in support of under-served students – 2005
  • ALRI partnered with Business Volunteers for the Arts® in its first strategic plan – 2003
  • Collaborated with South County Hospital in Wakefield, on a project similar to Hall of Masters – 2003
  • Three-year mural project with Hasbro Children’s Hospital Oncology Unit–Hall of Masters, Past and Present created by ten ALRI Artist Members – 2001

Art League Rhode Island is a vibrant nonprofit organization full of volunteers dedicated to creating an inspiring and unique art experience for everyone. Led by an elected board of directors, the 501(c)(3) registered entity allows members to take part in impacting their community through the power of creativity. All pertinent information about tax-exempt status can be requested from ALRI itself!