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2016 Annual Meeting featuring Artist Bunny Harvey

Art League Rhode Island Annual Meeting
Featuring A Special Presentation by Artist Bunny Harvey
bunnyharveyOn Wednesday, June 15Art League Rhode Island held their 16th Annual Meeting at the Providence Art Club. The meeting began with highlights of the past year and an introduction of upcoming events, then progressed to the nomination and election of new board members, and culminated in a feature presentation by guest speaker, artist Bunny Harvey.
The newly elected board members are: Paulette Miller, President; Nancy Gaucher-Thomas, Vice President; Ken Steinkamp, 2nd Vice President; Melissa Benoit, Treasurer; Ruth Clegg, Secretary; Jen Ferry, Director; Victoria Guerina, Director; Jesse Hernandez, Director; Ellen Matesanz, Director; and Pam Neal, Director. They are joined by Karen Rand Anderson, Barnet Fain, Dave Kendrick, Stephen Metcalf and Paul Murray, who continue their terms of office.
The 2015-2016 Founder’s Award, presented by Founder Nancy Gaucher-Thomas, was awarded to co-recipients Paulette Miller, Denise Bass, Ken Steinkamp, and Rachel Brask Hutchinson.
Bunny Harvey, the Elizabeth Christy Kopf Professor of Art at Wellesley College, is a mainstay of the Rhode Island art community. In her talk, titled “The Long Run,” she discussed her artistic process, her current work, and her impressive 40-year career as an artist and professor. “I like the idea of the hidden,” said Ms. Harvey. “I like the idea that we can walk through a landscape and not know what’s really there. There’s so much that is hidden, and that’s what I want to represent [in my work].”
Paulette Miller, Interim President of ALRI  stated, “I am humbled by and appreciative for the high level of work performed by the team at ALRI. Many thanks goes to Providence Art Club and Seb Borges for providing such a beautiful venue and wonderful hospitality, as well as Bunny Harvey, a fabulous teacher, artist, and motivator.”
Written by Magen Mintz
Photography by Denise Bass