Jill Brody

2017 Elected Member.  Detail of “Hide ‘n Seek,” archival pigment print, 40 x 34 inches.

Above –  Detail of “Hide ‘n Seek,” archival pigment print, 40 x 34 inches.

Jill Brody : 2017 Elected Member


Born and raised in New York, photographer Jill Brody has degrees from Harvard Divinity School and the Art Institute of Boston. She has had dozens of solo and group shows, one book, Drummond: Ranch Life in the West, two more pending and continues her exploration of rural America.

Her work has been acquired by the Missoula Art Museum, the North Dakota Museum of Art and private collections throughout the country. She has received major awards from the Newport Art Museum, The Pawtucket Foundation, The Northwest IL Area Arts Council and the Danforth Museum.

She lives in Providence, RI.

Hidden-1-Onion-House-Tableau © Jill Brody
Hidden 1 Onion House Tableau
Hidden-2-Cabbage-Cutters © Jill Brody
Hidden 2 Cabbage Cutters

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