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Layer Two: Process Connection

Layer Two: Process Connection

A finished piece of art is the icecap atop a mountain of contemplation, perseverance, and tactful execution. Particularly, when viewing the various types of prints within Layer on Layer, novices like myself form our opinions on the final product. We develop affection from within the frame, ignorant to the copper plates and printing press. This is not to say my initial viewings were incorrect. I simply mean there are layers to both understanding and appreciation.

Both Jon Goebel and Doug Bosley echoed similar sentiments, acknowledging distinct variation in their audience when it comes to viewing and interpreting prints. Printmaking and its specified methods are not directly telegraphed to the viewer. Deduction of what exactly it took to create the piece is left unknown without further inquisition or prior knowledge.

Roots — Other work by Jon Goebel

This creates an audience spectrum. One end is affected by the piece divorced from the process. The opposite end would be other printmakers, those who can appreciate the technical prowess, execution, and challenge having worked with the materials themselves. However, the majority of the audience is like me, somewhere in the middle. We understand the printing process in general but have never etched copper ourself.

Goebel enjoys both, appreciating the opportunity to speak at and attend conferences with fellow printmakers along with answering questions about the process from inexperienced viewers. Bosley finds particular enjoyment in speaking to those less knowledgeable about printmaking, allowing their experience viewing the art to be spent primarily on constructing narratives and emotion from the piece as opposed to some who linger too long on the process and miss the power of the image itself.

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Emmett Munterich
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