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Saberah Malik

Saberah Malik Exhibits at Newport Biennial!

Bountiful, 2020, Polyester fabrics, antique metal tray, Courtesy of the Artist.

Art League RI explores. We explore within our community, our artists, our artwork, and the world around us. Saberah Malik, an Elected Artist with Art League RI (ALRI), demonstrates exploration within her artistry as well. Saberah has participated in Synergy, a collaboration between ALRI and the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution (WHOI) to explore and express ocean science research through art. Additionally, in her artwork Saberah enjoys the idea of ambiguity in art interpretations. Listening to her talk about her work in the 2022 Newport Biennial, she shares about her process, both physically and intellectually. 

Saberah is exhibiting two artworks at the Newport Biennial: Bountiful and Habitats Unknown. Both works are created with polyester fabrics, which Saberah shares is a “simple yet painstakingly labor intensive” process. After she molds and sews, her delicate work is created. When observing the artwork, there is emotional tension that brews. Like so much in this world, it is not only about the joy and beauty that we first experience. Saberah invites the audience to see the duality of the works. She shares all this in her talk with the Newport Museum.

Listen to her speak here. 

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