Victor Rosario

2019 Elected Artist : Detail of his work – Living Beings

Victor Rosario : 2019 Elected Artist

Victor Rosario

I am a Rhode Island native and self taught artist.

Myths and legends from all over the globe have many many themes in common. Pyramid shaped buildings, creation myths, the worship of gods who came from the stars, technology and knowledge of astronomy, mathematics and advanced construction – all of these have been found in civilisations as far apart as Egypt and Central America. These places and peoples were separated by thousands of miles and yet seemed to develop along very similar paths.

My art work is telling a story of Intelligent extraterrestrial life visiting the Earth in ancient times and affecting human civilization, based upon legitimate artifacts, cave paintings and megaliths from all over the planet. I’ve taken the similarities in ancient descriptions and data (Father), with a touch of imagination and color (Mother) and out come the babies.

 Living Beings © Victor Rosario
Living Beings
Blue Honey Moon © Victor Rosario
Blue Honey Moon
Solar Gata © Victor Rosario
Solar Gata

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