Ellen Biegert

2019 Elected Artist : Detail of her work – Fly, Series

Detail of Ellen Biegert’s work – “Fly, Series”

Ellen Biegert : 2019 Elected Artist

Ellen Biegert is a Rhode Island artist who utilizes pen and ink to explore improvisational drawing through repetitive strokes and flowing patterns.

Growing up in the country and frequently spending time in the woods has given her a strong link to nature, while her training in Landscape Architecture has giving her an understanding of the importance the environment. These connections are a major theme for her work, and continue to be an inspiration for each piece.

The artist utilizes art as a means to slow down and focus, either on a specific subject matter or on clearing the mind. Each piece has every moment of this in every one of its strokes. The use of these many lines creates depth and contrast, in conjunction with flowing patterns, and produces a unique calming style.

Improv 1© Ellen Biegert
Improv 1
Grow © Ellen Biegert
Fly, Series © Ellen Biegert
Fly, Series

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