Eran Fraenkel

2019 Elected Artist : Detail of his work – Diversity is Joy in Difference

Eran Fraenkel : 2019 Elected Artist


Eran Fraenkel moved to Providence in 2016 after 22 years of living and working in Macedonia, Brussels, Jakarta, and Barcelona. He began making art in Indonesia.

Eran is a self-taught artist whose work is rooted in a lifetime of music-making – Western and Middle Eastern classical, Balkan folk traditions, and Javanese gamelan. He responds to the aural — not only the visual — world. Using his musical instincts, Eran creates visual rhythm, tempo, harmony and timbre.

In Indonesia, Eran was inspired by the constant presence of the oceans and by his experiences as a diver; by Java’s vibrant batiks and the Javanese gamelan music he played. His Barcelona pieces reflect the juxtaposition of Catalan modernismeand the region’s Moorish past. Eran’s pen-and-ink work echoes his fascination with Islamic geometricity and calligraphy.

Eran works primarily with water-based media, inks, and pencils.  Recently he has begun using alcohol inks and producing resin pours. Eran has also been exploring 3-D arts by learning to blow glass.

Before moving to Providence, Eran exhibited in Jakarta and Barcelona. He currently serves on the Board of the Pawtucket Arts Collaborative and of Providence Gallery Night.

Diversity-is-Joy-in-Difference © E_Fraenkel
Diversity is Joy in Difference
© E_Fraenkel
Swarm of Creole Wrasse
© E_Fraenkel
DreamCatcher #1

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