News Speakers' Corner

Fiber & Fabric Art – Saberah Malik

2017 Modern Salon

Thousandth Hour of the Next Journey
Wednesday, April 5 from 6 – 7:45 pm

St. George’s School, Hunter Gallery
William H. Drury and Richard Grosvenor Center for the Arts
372 Purgatory Road, Middletown RI 02842

Saberah Malik, ALRI Elected Artist, will share insights from her experience as a fiber and fabric artist.  Her exhibit, “Sculpture”, which provides a visual backdrop for an interesting discussion about her materials and process, is on display from March 31 – May 12 at the gallery.

As an artist, Malik has come to understand that making art is as solitary an activity as the act of giving. Each is an enriching experience of getting back more than what one gives.  In making art, an instant occurs where a creative mind is triggered to arrive at an unforeseen juxtaposition of thoughts and images that originate in the next work of art.

Photographs courtesy of Saberah Malik.