Elected Artist Jury Criteria


Our jurors will be looking for work that is original since originality is a basic feature of art. The originality in art includes the artwork’s presentation and style, concrete criteria such as themes, techniques, and materials, as well as intangible criteria such as intentions and expressions.

Art originality enables the artwork to be recognizable from the work of other artists, with the artist the first author of the artwork.

Technique, Skill and Presentation

Our jurors will consider artistic skill and technique, overall level of competence, including skill of presentation of the artwork. Considerations might include the originality and the inimitable style of the work, consistency across the body of work, and evidence of formal considerations such as line, shape, form, color, composition and design. All aspects of the work’s presentation should be considered by the artist (framing, pedestals, etc.) as well as the artist’s ability to format digital images according to the specifications included with the application instructions.

Cohesive Body of Work

Our Jurors will be looking for a cohesive body of work. This might explore one approach, concept, idea, topic, subject matter, theme, or philosophy that demonstrates conceptual strength and generates multi-layered meanings. A cohesive body of work might show evidence of investigating a concept in depth with a clearly articulated set of parameters and from different perspectives that allows for a nuanced composition, more subtlety and compelling communication.

This does not mean an historical overview of all the artwork an artist has produced over time. It rather means cohesion across the artwork submitted, so that the applicant should be careful in choosing which pieces to submit with this criterion clearly in mind. Jurors will also consider the artist’s statement in addition to the visual qualities of the artwork.

An article about consistency in work can be found HERE

A statement of intent that defines the purpose of the work, identifying its aims and objectives.

Work that is commensurate with work of our current Elected Artists.