Marcy S. Cohen

 Marcy Sharon Cohen : 2020 Elected Artist

Marcy Cohen photographs the world to understand it – what’s right there but unseen, the world under the surface. The chaos of the world is her subject. Her photography is driven by curiosity and the desire to transform the normal order. She is most curious about how places, culture, spiritual and emotional forces collide and create enigmas. The resulting images are collisions. Collisions of past and present, foreground and background, reality and mystery, time and space.

Marcy has exhibited internationally in various galleries, photography centers, magazines and online publications and her work is held in private collections.

She is also a member of the Board of Directors of the Cue Art Foundation, a not-for-profit contemporary art space in New York City dedicated to creating career and educational opportunities for emerging artists.

Marcy is a New Yorker, not the Park Avenue type, born in Manhattan but raised in the Bronx around the corner from the original 1923 version of the Yankee Stadium. She now lives 30 miles up the Hudson River from NYC in Croton-on-Hudson, NY.

Marcy’s Elected Artist submission is show below:

Visit her site for more about Marcy and her work: HERE

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