Natalie Featherston

2018 Elected Member. Detail of her work.

Above – Detail of Natalie Featherston’s work.

Natalie Featherston : 2018 Elected Member

© 2018 Natalie Featherston
Natalie Featherston (and her studio assistant)

Natalie Featherston is an established contemporary realist painter specializing in trompe l’oeil. She is represented by fine art galleries across the country, and her paintings have won awards from many distinguished art organizations.

The Chicago Sun Times has described her paintings as, “Artful beyond just illusion and trickery, they are truly masterful still lifes made with both craft and wit.

© 2018 Natalie Featherston

© 2018 Natalie Featherston

© 2018 Natalie Featherston

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