Cynthia DiDonato

2018 Elected Member. Detail of her work Jurassic Passage.

Above – Detail of Cynthia DiDonato’s work, Jurassic Passage.

Cynthia DiDonato : 2018 Elected Member


Cynthia DiDonato studied art at local colleges preparing for a career as an English teacher as well an art teacher. Not until she retired from full time teaching did she immerse herself totally in non- representational painting.

Cynthia enjoys working in watermedia as well as digital painting and mixed media. Presently, she is concentrating on digital painting and photo collage. She is particularly interested in intuitive, experimental techniques. She sees painting, whether conventional or digital, as a personal journey of exploration reflecting interior landscapes of the mind.

She frequently exhibits her work in many shows where she has won a number of awards.

Jurassic Passage
Earth Shatter

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