Al Weems

2018 Elected Member. Detail of his work, Leather Lace 2416.

Above – Detail of Al Weem’s work Leather Lace 2416.

Al Weems : 2018 Elected Member

Al Weems

I have been a working Professional Photographer for over 30 years, working in the commercial field and continually pressing the field of fine art.

Everything I photograph begins with an observation of light. I try to use the balance of that light in the composition of my images. It is the measure of that light which brings me the most satisfaction.

I enjoy when people question the content, composition and presentation of my images. Their interest in the process is gratifying and can push me to look at my work in ways I may not normally do.

© 2018 Al Weems
© 2018 Al Weems
Leather Lace 2416

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