Cate Chason

2017 Modern Salon

Painting and Drawing as Social Commentary

Sunday, November 12, 2017 from 1 – 3pm
Cate Chason’s Studio in Barrington, RI

Many artists have used their talents and mediums to express their thoughts about the contemporary society in which they live. For some, those artistic statements have been very direct and realistic, while others have chosen a more subtle and diffuse approach. In her drawing and painting, Cate Chason has varied along that spectrum, but clearly has a masterfully artistic message to deliver.

Her current work, “The Environment Unprotected”, is a series of paintings and drawings inspired by her concerns that federal policies will leave the environment vulnerable to irreversible exploitation and damage. Cate’s other recent work, “The Election Tree Series”, on exhibit in the Hart Senate Office Building in Washington, DC, expresses through landscapes of trees her reactions to the 2016 presidential campaign and election experience.

In our visit to her studio, we will have the opportunity to understand her process, perceptions and how she hopes that she makes her mark as an artist and person.

This program is open to ALRI members and their guests. Limited to eight people.

See more about Cate Chason’s art at

Images courtesy of Cate Chason’s website from “The Environment Unprotected” series.