Robin Beckwith

2017 Elected Member. Detail of  “Mosaic,” mixed media, 20×25 inches.

Above – Detail of  “Mosaic,” mixed media, 20 x 25 inches.

Robin Beckwith : 2017 Elected Member


Robin Beckwith relocated from Virginia to Rhode Island in 1982 to study painting at the Rhode Island School of Design. After graduation, she was employed as a graphic designer for a local manufacturer. When she retired, she was able to turn her full attention to painting.

Robin enjoys painting on location and in her own backyard. She delights in the challenge of experimental painting and she finds the discipline and joy of painting from nature and working from an inner vision support one another. The permission and freedom to work freely, unrestricted by the dogma of rules, allows her to imagine endless possibilities. Robin works in watercolor, acrylic and other water based media, preparing surfaces in advance with few preconceived ideas. She develops imagery and shapes in an interactive manner, using her imagination as well as direct references. It’s an exciting process for her, especially when her work develops into something more than an experiment.

Beneath the Surface © Robin Beckwith
Beneath the Surface
Shell Game 2 © Robin Beckwith
Shell Game 2

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