New Members Elected

John Hiigli, Rongyuan Ma and Mark Perry

ALRI Welcomes New Members, John Hiigli, Rongyuan Ma and Mark Perry

“Rather than simply asking: “Who are the applicants?”, this year the focal point of the Jury Process was turned inward. We have agreed that elected artists are to be considered as potential peers based on their Art and not their status or resume. Furthermore, elected artists represent a standard of self evaluation that should be apparent in any body of work. Our goal is not to accumulate members, but to complement those already elected with inspiring artists who share the same passion for their work as we do.” Ethan French, Chair Jury of Selection

Special thanks to Ethan French, chair jury of selection and to the jury: Tiffany Adams, Reenie Barrow, Barnet Fain, Marjorie Hellman, Kathy Hodge and guest juror, James Montford, artist and director of the Bannister Gallery at Rhode Island College.

images top to bottom, left to right:
John Hiigli, Cr175 POLYTRANSPARENCY A – Oblique View: Cuboctahedra Inherent in 16 Frequency Tetrahedron.-2005, transparent oil on linen
Mark Perry, The Doctor, wood carving
Rongyuan Ma, Legend of the Lantern Festival, mixed media