Workshops with ALRI’s Saberah Malik

2016 Two 3-day workshops: SHIBORI & INNOVATIONS IN FIBER



APRIL 19-21 • 10am – 1:00pm

Malik's Shibori workshop.crevasse

Shibori is the Japanese art of resist dyeing. Through stages of stitching, binding, folding and clamping, participants learn the basics of creating surface designs, and to be introduced to the limitless possibilities of creating functional or fine art with immersion dyed fabric.

  • Register for this workshop  ($150) (registration closed – past year event)


APRIL 26-28 • 10am – 1:00pm

innovations malik (2)Using stitching, binding, restricting and heating to manipulate fabric, participants learn the basics of creating free-standing forms from flat fabric. This methodology and process is designed to encrypt the shape of the mold being used onto the memory of the textile fibers to craft fine or wearable art.

  • Register for this workshop ($150) (registration closed – past year event)

Saberah Malik, on Innovations in Fiber: “In a self-evolved process developed from my practice of shibori, through which I came to understand the potential of fiber and fabric manipulation, I create ethereally transparent fabric forms from natural and manufactured artifacts. The paradoxical intricacy and precision through which my process captures the simple roughness of the form of unhewn stone or the smooth symmetry of a glass bottle, is a reflection on the perfect and the imperfect; it is a meditation on beauty in the inconsistencies of crafting, and in nature.  It is a search for the spiritual within matter as a divine presence.”

  • Location: Slater Mill, 67 Roosevelt Avenue, Pawtucket, RI
  • Each workshop is limited to 24 students
  • Single workshop is three days
  • Single workshop fee: $150
  • Register for both workshops and one day is free 
  • SHIBORI registration/fee deadline: April 15th
  • INNOVATIONS IN FABRIC registration/fee deadline: April 22nd, 2016