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Ruth Clegg is an Elected Artist Member and is a professional photographer with over 40 years of art and business experience. A 1977 graduate of the University of Rhode Island with a degree in Fine Arts Ruth concentrated in the area of printmaking, primarily lithography and photography. Ruth maintains a home studio and has taught photography and multimedia at the Rocky Hill School. She currently educates professional photographers within her professional organizations. Ruth has received numerous professional awards and degrees (Master of Photography, Photographic Craftsman). Her photography, painting and printmaking has been juried and exhibited nationally and is in many private collections.

Ruth is Past President of the Professional Photographers’ Association of New England and Rhode Island and the Junior League of Rhode Island. Board experience includes: Community Prep School, St. Mary’s Home for Children, The Art Connection RI, the Providence Art Club, and the North Kingstown Chamber of Commerce. She is a 1998 graduate of Leadership RI (Sigma Class). Ruth is a member of the Professional Photographers’ Associations of RI, NE and America, View Arts Center, Providence Art Club, South County Art Association, Jamestown Art Center and the North Kingstown Chamber of Commerce.


Heather Stivison’s artwork spans several disciplines including painting, drawing, and fiber. In the past four years, her work has been exhibited in universities, galleries, and museums in seven states. Originally from New Jersey, Heather is a former museum director who served as the president of both the New Jersey Association of Museums and the Mid-Atlantic Association of Museums. She is a published author and a recipient of an art history research grant from the Arts & Crafts Research Fund. Heather recently returned to school to earn an MFA in painting from the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth. Heather is an Elected Artist Member.


Shawn Quirk is an independent filmmaker, Emmy winning producer, and festival programmer who has directed several short films and short documentaries. His film “Ouroboros” won the Audience Choice Award at the Spokane International Film Festival in 2008, he edited “Transjourney,” which won the Festival Favorite Award at the Cinema Diverse: Palm Springs LGBTQ Film Festival in 2015, and his most recent film “The Nature of Memory” premiered at the 2019 Ann Arbor Film Festival. 

Since 2011, Shawn has been the Program Director for the Flickers’ Rhode Island International Film Festival.  In 2017, he served as Jury President for the Festival international du cinema francophone en Acadie.  He has been a panelist speaker at the Krakow Film Festival, REGARD, and the Quebec City Film Festival.  In addition, he has spoken as guest lecturer in both film and French language studies courses at universities including Dartmouth College, Harvard University, RISD, and UMass Boston.


Susan Dansereau is a classically trained painter, mixed media artist, former rock-and-roll lighting designer, traveler and commercial interior designer currently based in Pawtucket, RI. She divides her time between Rhode Island and Italy. She is known both for her artwork that fragments form into shape and for manipulating the color theory that informs atmospheric space.


Ellen Matesanz has a broad background with expertise in art education, medical business management, and higher education administration. Early in her career, she was a secondary education art teacher at Coyle & Cassidy High School in Taunton, MA. A career shift brought her to Brown University where she served as Administrative Director for the Dean of Biology and Medicine, and for the past 15 years continued to serve in leadership roles in both for-profit and non-profit medical group practices, hospitals and medical foundations. Ellen earned a Master of Health Administration from Simmons College, a Master of Business Administration from the University of Rhode Island, and a Bachelor’s degree in Art/Art History from Rhode Island College.

We support our members by

  • Encouraging exploration and artistic development
  • Increasing the awareness and understanding of art for public benefit
  • Fostering a supportive and creative community
  • Developing opportunities to create and exhibit art


Elected Artists are artists whose work meets the visual arts standards of Art League RI. Elected Artist status is granted through a credentialed jury process. You’ll find the works of these Elected Artist Members throughout Rhode Island.

Tiffany Adams
Susan Aitcheson
Edvald “Al” Albrektson +*
Dora Atwater Millikin
Janet Austin
James Baker +
Marjorie Ball
Robin Beckwith
Alice Benvie Gebhart
Lee Bergwall Hanks
Ellen Biegert
Cynthia Blair
Joan Boghossian *
Robert Boyajian +
Uli Brahmst
Lorraine Bromley
Ilse Buchert Nesbitt *
Dan Butterworth +
Damon Campagna
Cate Chason
Cathy Chin
Ruth A. B. Clegg
Marcy S. Cohen
Wayne Collins
Valerie Debrule *
David DeMelim
Paula Karen Dewell
Cynthia M. DiDonato
Gretchen Dow Simpson +
Deb Ehrens
Barnet Fain +#
Natalie Featherston
Priscilla Foley Blackman
Susan Fossati
Eran Fraenkel
Kristie Gardiner
Nancy Gaucher-Thomas ^
Viktor Genel
Elizabeth A. “Lisa” Goddard
Mimo Gordon Riley *
Malcolm Grear +#
Richard Harrington *
Joan Hausrath
Aimee Heru
Kathy Hodge
Cindy Horovitz Wilson
Eric Hovermale *
Peter Hussey
Carolyn Lock
Helen Lozoraitis
Saberah Malik
Priscilla Malone
Libby Manchester Gilpatric
Krzysztof Mathews
Eileen McCarney Muldoon
David McCauley +
Arlene McGonagle
Stephen Metcalf +
Michael W. Miller
Kelly Milukas
Paul M. Murray
Morris Nathanson +
Pamela Neal
Howard Newman +
Nancy Nielsen
Mercedes Nunez
Elena Obelenus
Regina Partridge
Keith Prue
Karen Rand Anderson
R. Douglass Rice
Victor Rosario
Thomas Sgouros +#
Susan Shaw
Hiroko Shikashio
Beverly Silva
Ken Steinkamp
Heather Stivison
Carol Strause FitzSimonds *
Judith Tolnick Champa +
Judy Vilmain
Michelle Vezina Peterlin
Amy Webb
Al Weems
Joanna Weis
Anne P. Wert
Cynthia Whalen Nelson *
Anne Winthrop Cordin
Robin Wiseman +
V.F. Wolf
Josy Wright

+honorary member.  ALRI members have recognized these individuals by electing them as Honorary Members. Honorary Members have contributed to the field of visual arts either through outstanding artistic creativity or through exceptional leadership. Their achievements have national or international influence, have advanced the mission and vision of ALRI, and promoted the integrity of visual arts professional practices.
*founding member
^ President Emerita


Members join ALRI as supporters and participants in the visual arts. Membership is open to anyone. Many Members are artists. Along with Elected Artists, Members are instrumental in their service on ALRI’s committees and may serve on the ALRI Board.

Leah Abrahams
Sarah Adams
Susan Aitcheson
Emmett Barnacle
Richard Barrett
Denise Bass
Christie Bernabe
Rachel Brask Hutchinson
Angela Brown
Jody Brown
Don Cadoret
Sal Capirchio
Barbara Crane
Carolyn Crook
Alba Curti
Susan Dansereau
Martha Dean
Robert Easton
Maureen Eckert
Sharon Eisman
Sharon Estes
Jen Ferry
Heather Frymark
Vera Gierke
Deborah Goldhaft
Vicky Guerina
Jayne Guertin
Christine Haders
Bonnie Jaffe
Marc Jaffe
James Kelley
Jennifer Kiluk
Marie Joanne King
Dan Kirschner
Jill Law
Carolyn Mark
Claire Marschak
Ellen Matesanz
Marjorie McClelland
Karen Murtha
Donna Parker
Tyler Paulhus
Marguerite Pile
Shawn Quirk
Betsy Ritz
Joan H. Rollins
Don Schim
Susan Starkweather
Elinor Thompson
Kathleen Tirrell
Joanne Weis
Nancy Whitcomb
Hong Xu