Elected Artist News: Cindy Wilson Photography Workshop

Block Island in Black and White
Photography Workshop
April 5, 6 & 7, 2019

Cindy Wilson Photography

© Cindy Wilson Photography

When I think of Block Island in the offseason, I conjure up images of bare trees, stonewalls and cottages perched on hillsides. My experience in photographing in black and white on Block Island goes back to the 1980’s, nostalgic images of stark landscapes and weatherbeaten architecture, on medium format  Tri-X film. Today, the wet darkroom has happily been replaced with my computer and digital camera.

I invite you to share my love of photography and Block Island for a three day workshop, April5, 6 &, 2019. For this event, I have secured a private home on the island for visitors (islanders will want the comfort of their own beds), scrumptious catered meals and an itinerary full of lessons and on site photography. In this workshop you will learn black and white settings on your camera, seeing light, shadow and tones in black and white, the use of black and white as metaphor and the post processing steps necessary to process a well crafted black and white image.

When I think of Block Island in the early spring, I imagine stone walls, bare trees and cottages perched in vast sloping landscapes.
Join me in April and begin your exploration of black and white photography. Learn to see in tones, light and shadow, in the field & with available interior light.

Process your files on the computer and create images suitable for framing.
Lodging and meals are available. • Workshop limited to ten students.
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